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At Alan Jones Mens Grooming we like to take care of our clients and offer them an unforgettable service. From creating a whole new style or a classic cut, every haircut will offer a shampoo, conditioner and finish with the product which will suit your style the most. All of this accompanied by a hot or cold drink even a beer for those who are ready to start the weekend early.

Senior Barber Master Barber
Haircut £19.50 £25.00
Haircut & beard £29.50 £35.00
Standard Beard Trim £12.50 £12.50
Deluxe Beard Trim £20.00 £20.00
Colour Camo to tone grey £25.00

Hot Towel Shaves-
Traditional Hot Towel Shave;
The traditional hot towel shave will be a 30 minute experience which will relax any man, this service will consist of a two pre shaves and two hot towels to open the pours and cleanse the face resulting in a soft beard which will be ready to shave. This service will only consist of one take with the cut throat razor but will still result in a fresh feel for the customer. To end the shave will be a cold towel which will close the pours leaving the customer feeling hydrated and refreshed. (30 mins) £25.00

Luxury Hot Towel Shave;
The luxury hot towel shave will be a closer version of the traditional shave giving customers that unforgettable relaxation experience and a closer shave. This service will consist of two pre shaves and two hot towels to really open up the pours and soften the beard ready to shave. This is when the first take will be conducted with a cut throat razor, after this the same process will take place again using a third hot towel to help prepare the skin for the second take. Once this takes place a judgement will be made to see if a third take is needed. This service will be finished with a cold towel to close the pours and additional moisturiser to protect and add moisture to the skin. (45 mins) £31.00

Hot Towel Shave Facial;
The hot towel shave facial is an intensive treatment which consists of all the values of a facial but also with the added bonus of the hot towel shave. The hot towel shave facial is the most relaxing and intensive service we provide at Alan Jones Mens Grooming, especially after the party season of December and the stress of last minute deadlines at work. This is a fantastic treatment for recovery of the skin.
The shave will involve four crucial elements to provide an unforgettable experience, these elements being: cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise. These are the four elements which hold this treatment together; by combing these elements you are allowing the skin to be refreshed and reenergised.
The process will begin with a pre shave, this is what will start to soften the beard, this is followed by a hot towel which will open up the pours allowing the pre shave to prepare the skin and release the impurities with the steam.
Once the hot towel is removed the facial cleanser will be applied working and massaging the cleanser into the skin, this will help rehydrate the skin and give the skin the vitamins it needs. This is then followed by another hot towel and pre shave which will again help soften the beard and entice the products into the skin.
The process then moves on to the lathering up of the beard, we will use a traditional Badger Brush to lift the hairs to get a closer take. The first take will take 75% of the hair away from the beard which will then prepare the skin for the next take; before the second take is conducted another pre shave and the last hot towel is applied. This leads onto the second lather and second take. Once this is done the skin will then be evaluated to see if a third take is needed, this will help achieve the ultimate hot towel shave with a close finish.
With the different range of multiple products used, the skin will now be in an outstanding condition, the treatment will be finished with a face massage, a toner which will cool the skin and leave a hydrating feeling and a moisturiser to add moisture back into the skin.To completely finish the service a cold towel is added to close the pours and leave a fresh feel to the face and skin. (60 mins) £45.00

Senior Barber Master Barber
Traditional Hot Towel Shave (30 Mins) £21.00 £25.00
Luxury Hot Towel Shave (45 Mins) £28.00 £31.00
Hot Towel Shave Facial (60 Mins) £40.00 £45.00