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Sevenoaks Life magazine

Sevenoaks Life magazine

“As you step through the door be prepared to enter another world, a place where you can forget the stresses of every day life and relax with a beer! No, this isn’t an exclusive gentlemenas club on the Strand but it might as well be! Soft browns and other muted colours greet the eye, unhurried personal service as each client has an allotted time so that Alan can perform his magic.”

“This isn’t any old barber shop where you leave with a basic short back and sides – you could if you wanted, but the staff are quite capable of any contemporary or classic hair style! Alan Jones has managed the tricky combination of delivering traditional services in a modern manner, the electric chairs and foldaway basins not only look good but provide the maximum amount of comfort for the clients. Small things make the experience totally unforgettable and enjoyable – the extra time allowed, licensed to serve alcohol and not forgetting hair treatments, facials and massages that are always available. It is an oasis for discerning gentlemen who  demand good, oldfashioned service as well as quality barbering.”

“Why not indulge yourself with the ultimate treatment for your skin and facial hair – a traditional open razor wet shave. It’s an experience that Edwardian gentlemen would recognise as part of their daily routine; the highbacked chair and white-draped figure, shaving foam and the old-fashioned cut throat razors of yester year. Wet shaving is a dying art, something that many would travel to the West End of London for and pay city prices!”

“We have been sold with clever marketing the concept that you can achieve the best shave ever with a multi blade razor, Alan Jones will quickly dispel this myth! Life in modern times is just too hectic for men to shave properly and more importantly most men have never been taught to shave. As it is part of the daily grooming routine perhaps its time to feel the difference. Remember, your skin is living tissue, treat it as such! A good shave will not only leave you clean shaven but is a male version of a facial, as you exfoliate the dead skin cells from your face. Alan is more than happy to give advice about shaving and once he has finished you will have a face smoother than a babys bottom and be irresistible to the opposite sex!”

“Why not experience good old fashioned customer service alongside modern facilities and an atmosphere that encapsulates the smells and sights long forgotten! Sorry ladies, this shop is for men only so why not treat your other half to an experience that he will thank you for: Alan Jones is offering Christmas gift vouchers for all services especially the hot towel shave. Shaving Sets & Gift Sets by Cyril R Salter are available some even including badger hair shaving brushes will enable the man in your life to continue to treat himself on a daily basis! If you mention Sevenoaks Life you can have a discounted hot towel shave instead of A?33 readers can try one for A?28.00.”

SO Tunbridge Wells

SO Tunbridge Wells

“You know, it wasn’t so long ago that the very mention of an alpha-male entertaining anything considered grooming automatically cast aspersions on ones social standing as a man.”

“Not today though. This is 2008 and it’s OK to cry, it’s OK to admit you use a moisturiser and it’s OK to let a (qualified) man shave you, which is what led me to stop by and see Alan Jones at his place in London Road, Sevenoaks for a spot of R&R.”It’s immediately evident that a fair amount of money and indeed time has been spent designing this stylish modern-day “Barbers” shop. Alan personally chose all the decor and furniture to ensure a prestigious, but relaxing environment for the modern man. The widescreen TV shows a variety of sports while the sumptuous dark leather chairs and the innovative pull-down chrome basins allow you to feel perfectly comfortable and somewhat spoilt.

“Now on to the wet shave itself which, as all of us chaps know, exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells and allows the skin itself to breathe.”

“Like millions everyday, my usual routine involves covering my beard with foam from a can, before scraping my face in every direction with a week-old razor. Not a good idea, Alan explains and certainly not conducive with achieving a good shave.
Alan begins by applying a moisturiser to the skin to help raise the bristles, then wraps my face in a hot towel to complete the process (something I’ve not experienced before but found very relaxing). Using a traditional badger-hair
brush, the soap is applied using a gentle circular motion. This too helps raise the beard. Next the main event. Alan opens his cut throat razor (the newer style safety one of course) and gently begins shaving. Thoughts of Sweeney Todd quickly recede as it becomes obvious this is an age old skill and art, one that Alan has down to a tee.”

“Following the first shave, the process is repeated for an even closer result and is rounded off by a slightly longer spell under the hot towel. Careful not to fall asleep now”

“Finally, a suitable moisturiser is massaged into the face and voila, from hairy pre-historic man to cleanly shaven English gent for a mere £20 and in just 30 tranquil minutes.”

“Most of Alans clients complete the whole grooming experience with a quick trim and a tidy of whats on top. However, as time waits for no man (not even an immaculately shaved one), I bid a fond farewell but not before booking myself in again.”